Statement Of Faith

The Redeemed Women Ministry belongs in the Pentecostal movement that began in the time of the apostles with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and continues to today. This declaration is an abstract which summarizes our beliefs.

1. The Bible
We believe that the 66 books of the holy Scripture (39 books of the Old Testament and 27 of the New Testament) are divinely inspired, they are the infallible Word of God. They are the final authority for faith and daily life. The Bible, in the original texts, is fully reliable and inerrant in all it affirms.

2. God
We believe that there is only one God creator of all, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. Jesus Christ
We believe in Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, that he is true God and true man without sin. That he was conceived by the Holy Spirit, that He was born of the Virgin Mary and that the holy Scriptures present as an object of faith his teachings, his miracles, his atoning death, his bodily resurrection and his personal and visible return in power and glory.

4. The Holy Spirit
We believe that Christians are baptized or immersed in the Holy Spirit which, by his power, enables them to serve, to testify, to live the Christian life, to be useful to the assembly, the body of Christ. It is Jesus who baptizes with the Holy Spirit those who ask the Father in faith.

5. Man
We believe that man was created in the image of God, but that his disobedience led to the judgment, corruption and death, that therefore all have sinned, are guilty and lost, absolutely incapable to save themselves by their own works.

6. Salvation
We believe that salvation is obtained by the grace of God, which is the entire process by which God justifies, regenerates, sanctifies, and glorifies every sinner who trusts in Him by faith solely on the basis of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ. All those who by faith receive Jesus Christ are born again by the Spirit. They are children of God.

7. Spiritual gifts
We believe that God gives spiritual gifts to every believer for the edification of the body of Christ. Furthermore, we believe in the actuality of all the gifts of the Spirit listed in the Bible.

8. The Imposition of hands
We believe that the imposition of hands is a sign left by the Lord Jesus Christ and practiced by the early church. We impose the hands in the power of God that blesses, heals, baptizes with the Holy Spirit, establishes old ones and confirms ministries.

9. The Resurrection
We believe that there will be a bodily resurrection of the righteous (the redeemed) and unjust (the lost), some to everlasting life, others to eternal punishment.

10. The unity of the Church
We believe in the spiritual unity of all God's children born again in Christ and that together they form the body of Christ which is the Church.