Pastor Beatrice W. Maluma

Pastor Beatrice Wembo Maluma is a servant of God, anointed by the Holy Spirit in power and wisdom. She is an international evangelist, who has worked all over the world including in: Belgium, France, The Netherlands, the USA, Kenya, Uganada and in many other countries.

She's the wife of Rev. Jacques Maluma founder and pastor of the Charismatic Center Word of Grace, in Toronto, Canada. They have been married for over 16 years and have five children. Pastor Beatrice's commitment to helping others is obvious, by her consecration to the Lord and in her spirit of abnegation.

She is the founder of The Redeemed Women Ministry, a work where the anointing of the Holy Spirit flows freely. This work brings together several women from around the world.

It's mission includes the assistance of young homeless orphans in Africa, morally and spiritually helping to restore hope in life and material support for the most disadvantaged among them.

She often organizes international conferences for women, lectures, prayer retreats, Bible study meetings for women, which enables them to develop the love of God in their lives. She has dedicated her life to helping others access the plan established by God for their lives. The word of God preached by the evangelist Beatrice touched those looking to God for their restoration, healing and deliverance, bringing reconciliation in their lives.

In 1991, the Lord appeared to her in a great vision and in 1993 she gave herself to Jesus Christ. The thirst to know him more grew bigger after a brutal illness experience , which placed her between life and death. The doctors declared her dead but there was still life. It was after this prayer:

Lord, if you keep me alive, I will serve you all my life.

That God completely changed her life.

She is a woman of power that the Holy Spirit uses powerfully through healing, deliverance and evangelism. She is dedicated to serve the Lord until his return.