Our Mission

The Mission of The Redeemed Women Ministry is to:

  • Bring together women of all faiths, from different cultures and all walks of life, to the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer.
  • Prepare women for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Teach women the principles of God who value them and equip them to lead fulfilled and dynamic lives.
  • Prepare young women for marriage.
  • Help women discover their true identity, their qualities and their destiny in Christ.
  • Organize prayer retreats for women.
  • Organize international conferences for women
  • Build rehabilitation centers for orphans and widows.
  • Develop support services to the poor.
  • To advance the christian] faith by providing spiritual and educational resources to women in Canada
  • To advance and teach the religious tenets, doctrines and observances associated with the Christian faith by establishing a facility to be used for religious programs, workshops, music and bible studies
  • To provide residential housing and support services to assaults and abused women
  • To provide education, counselling and other support services for refugees and immigrants in need, including language instruction, employment training, job search programs, translation services and information programs on Canadian culture and life.
  • To provide counselling and outreach programs to those affected by family violence ( women and children)
  • To provide mentoring programs, workshops and seminars for parents, children and youth in anger management, conflict resolution and effective communication.
  • To relieve poverty by providing basic amenities, including food, clothing and shelter to the poor and homeless